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theoTheo K4MO

daveDave N5OB

ky5uCharlie KY5U

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    newKD5OZY Forfeits his License
    A Texas radio amateur has agreed to turn in his Amateur Extra class license as part of an agreement with the FCC to settle an enforcement action against him. The FCC earlier this year issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) to James R. Winstead, KD5OZY, of Coleman, Texas, after determining that Winstead “apparently willfully violated” FCC rules by interfering with Amateur Radio communications. The Commission had proposed a $7000 fine. The action was in response of other radio amateurs’ complaints of intentional interference on 7.195 MHz.

    The FCC is still monitoring the Amateur bands. If you think they don't listen anymore, you couldn't be more wrong,as per emails correspondence received from the FCC, they can listen and do listen often. So beware all Commode Tick jammers and hate mongers.

    The Dead Air Group provides and supports a Technical Cloud where various technical and general information is kept for routine access. Access to the shared folders requires a password, however, some of the group pictures are viewable via a slide show that does not require PW access. Link to the Dead Air Cloud CLICK HERE cloud

    All Amateur bRadio operator that ride big bikes, are invited to join the Dead Air Groups October bike ride to Leakey Texas. For Details Contact K5PW.

    40 METERS
    Some of the guys on Dead Air are hanging out on 40 meters during the day. The frequency is 7.158.0 Join us if you dare.

High Frequency Propagation Expectations

newK5UY QTH Tower Weather Cam
Sponsered by Weatherunderground and the Dead Air Group at 3686.5 Khz

    This little addition above will show live visitor activity

K5UY North Tower Camera


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